Monday, 17 September 2012

Preparing for the validation

Me and Caroline met with the Qualification Leaders on Saturday to discuss the forthcoming validation event. The Qualification Leaders are:
  • HND Computing: Derek Summer (Perth College)
  • HND Computing: Networking: Chris Deegan (City of Glasgow College)
  • HND Computing: Software Development: Pete Ainsworth (Motherwell College)
  • HND Computing: Technical Support: Sean Miller (Telford College).
In fact, we focussed on one specific aspect of the validation event -- the production of the required documentation. This has changed. It was previously a "Validation Proposal Document" (VPD), which became "Arrangements" once the award was validated, but this has been replaced by a "Group Award Specification", which replaces both the VPD and the Arrangements.Much of the contents is the same but the new Spec is more streamlined that the previous documentation.

Evidence of support for new awards remains a crucial part of the validation process so don't forget to complete the appropriate online survey if you haven't done so already.

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