Tuesday, 18 September 2012

HND Computing Awards - Structures

The Qualification Leaders are currently writing the Group Award Specifications (previously known as Validation Proposal Documents) for the following HND awards:

1. HND Computing
2. HND Computing: Networking
3. HND Computing: Software Development
4. HND Computing: Technical Support

There have been some additional units added to the award strucutres over the past couple of months so the versions that were previously available have been updated.  These structures can be accessed here and  replace any versions you may have saved before.

These versions will go forward for validation as part of each of the awards in December.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Validation Panel

As you know, we are preparing for the forthcoming validation event (the date is still to be decided). One of the key stages in that process is selecting the members of the Validation Panel. We try to get a good mix of educational and industrial representatives who are independent of the development.

Our job for the HNDs was easy since we asked the members of the HNC Validation Panel if they would be willing to serve on the HND validations. They all did. So the Panel for the HND validations will be:
  • Cameron Walker (Aberdeen College): FE representative (Convenor)
  • Debbie McHarg (Stevenson College): FE representative
  • Alan Gannon (Adam Smith College): FE representative
  • Brian McGhee (University of the West of Scotland): University representative
  • Genny Dixon (consultant, previously E-Skills UK): Employer representative
  • Sharon O'Neil (SQA).
The Panel are completely independent of the development, so they can bring a fresh eye to the proposals.

SQA's collaborative, peer created and reviewed, qualification development process has stood the test of time, and proven to be a rigorous, fair but thorough process, which produces high quality qualifications.

Contact Caroline if you have any queries about the validation event.

Preparing for the validation

Me and Caroline met with the Qualification Leaders on Saturday to discuss the forthcoming validation event. The Qualification Leaders are:
  • HND Computing: Derek Summer (Perth College)
  • HND Computing: Networking: Chris Deegan (City of Glasgow College)
  • HND Computing: Software Development: Pete Ainsworth (Motherwell College)
  • HND Computing: Technical Support: Sean Miller (Telford College).
In fact, we focussed on one specific aspect of the validation event -- the production of the required documentation. This has changed. It was previously a "Validation Proposal Document" (VPD), which became "Arrangements" once the award was validated, but this has been replaced by a "Group Award Specification", which replaces both the VPD and the Arrangements.Much of the contents is the same but the new Spec is more streamlined that the previous documentation.

Evidence of support for new awards remains a crucial part of the validation process so don't forget to complete the appropriate online survey if you haven't done so already.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Stakeholder surveys

The QDT has engaged with stakeholders since the start of this development. There are 32 members, representing more than 20 centres, on the QDT itself, and the members of the QDT have formally and informally consulted with their contacts throughout the development process.

But we have recently created more formal means of getting stakeholder feedback via a number of online surveys. There are surveys for college lecturers, university lecturers and employers.

If you haven't done so already, I would appreciate if you would complete the appropriate survey. If you've already completed one, you could encourage colleagues to complete it or forward links to your own contacts. Thanks in anticipation.

Please contact Caroline if you have any problems.