Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Validation event

We've been busy recently preparing for the forthcoming validation event for the revised HNDs, which takes place next week.

Since we are validating four awards (HND Computing, HND Computing: Networking, HND Computing: Software Development and HND Computing: Technical Support) we are doing the validation over two days. It will take place next Thursday and Friday (6 and 7 December). The qualifications will be split as follows:

Day 1: HND Computing and HND Computing: Software Development
Day 2: HND Computing: Networking and HND Computing: Technical Support.

This seemed the most logical split due to the links between the awards.

A validation event is a meeting of equals -- it's not the panel "inspecting" the development team. It's an opportunity to have an open and frank and positive discussion about the proposals.

These particular proposals are the most talked-about and considered qualifications I have ever been involved with. The development process goes back almost two years, during which time there have been a huge number of meetings and discussions about their contents. That doesn't mean that they're perfect, but it does mean that we believe that they are well thought through.

It was pleasing that the proposals had wide support at the recent Heads of Computing event, when each of the Qualification Leaders went over their draft awards.

Look out for more news on this blog about the validation once it's over.