Friday, 21 October 2011

QDT meeting

The final meeting of the QDT (prior to the HNC validation) took place this morning. The main reason for having the meeting was to bring everyone up-to-date with progress.

Unsurprisingly, the turn-out was not great, given that it is the October holiday for many people, but eight people made it along.

We discussed the frameworks, links with vendors, BCS accreditation and the forthcoming validation event.

The vendor item was particularly interesting. We recently devised a procedure for adding vendor qualifications to the new frameworks and today, for the first time, the QDT had an opportunity to consider some applications from vendors. We looked at three -- from Microsoft, COMPTIA, and CIW. We are piloting a system of direct accreditation of vendor awards inside HNs, so it was interesting to "test" the process. Some of the vendor applications were approved, and it was good to see the "vendor box" in the new frameworks begin to get filled.

The development is on schedule. I'm hoping to receive most of the new and revised units at the end of this month, and the units will be validated during November. The group award validation event will take place in early December. We hope to have the new HNC award available to centres from March 2012.

The next QDT meeting will take place early next year, once the HNC validation event has taken place and we can focus on the HND awards.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Progress meetings

Every couple of weeks, me and Caroline meet with the lead developer (Gerry Mackie) to discuss progress. We had one of our progress meetings yesterday morning. At these meetings, we go through our progress plan line by line, to ensure that we are moving forward.

At yesterday's meeting we discussed membership of the validation panel. The validation panel must be completely independent of the QDT, since a key role for the panel is to scrutinise the proposals, so we went through some of the volunteers who had asked to serve on the panel (my recent update letter asked for volunteers). We think we came up with a pretty good mix of people. We also discussed who should serve on the QDT at the validation event. Again, we came up with a team who we think will do a good job. Caroline is currently contacting all of the individuals to check their availability.

The main task right now is unit writing. A team of people are currently busy creating new and revised units. The deadline for the units is the end of this month, so this is a very busy period for the team. Gerry is writing the validation proposal document (VPD), which is coming along nicely.

Contact Gerry if you want to know more about progress, or contact Caroline if you want to know more about the validation process.