Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Acceptance of lead developers role

Hi everyone,

I had an initial meeting with Bobby and Caroline and have accepted the role on offer.

This is a challenge and the team will be asked to respond to produce a new product for the sector.

I am humbled by the support I received but this is not a weakness this is a strength that will drive the development.

I will call for a meeting of the core QDT very soon, as soon as we have an agenda in place.

Gerry Mackie

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Lead developer has been selected

One of the first tasks that needs to be carried out is to chose a person to lead the development. So I asked for nominations at the first QDT meeting -- and got four. They were all excellent candidates but I had to choose one, and I chose Gerry Mackie of Dundee College to lead this project. So congratulations to Gerry. He will bring a wealth of experience to the role. I'll be meeting with Gerry in the near future to move things on.