Monday, 24 January 2011

QDT meeting: discussing frameworks

The QDT met on Saturday, in the SQA offices in Glasgow, to discuss the structure of the proposed awards. We had previously agreed to develop five qualifications:
  1. HNC Computing
  2. HND Computing
  3. HND Computing: Technical Support
  4. HND Computing: Software Development
  5. HND Computer Networking
We had an interesting discussion about the design principles for HN awards, and agreed that we would try to keep the mandatory section in each award to a minimum to give centres maximum choice in the selection of units. We also had an interesting conversation about core skills. Computing has a long tradition of embedding core skills and we hoped to continue that during this development. But we plan to embed the core skills inside Computing units - not separate core skills units.

We had previously agreed the types of Graded Units in each award: an examination within the HNC and projects within the HNDs.

Although Gerry MacKie leads the overall development, each award has its own leader, and the main purpose of today was to give these individuals ideas about the nature and contents of their awards. There were lots of suggestions and we had some lively discussions around mobile technology, computer games, mathematics, and digital culture.

June McCamlie gave a presentation on the National Occupational Standards to remind everyone about this important source of information. We also agreed to ensure that vendor awards were fully recognised within the qualifications.

Days like Saturday are great. I've noted before, the uniquely inclusive, collaborative and co-operative approach that SQA takes to developing qualifications. Twenty colleges are represented in the core or extended QDT and it is this inclusion and diversity that helps to ensure the success of our awards.