Monday, 18 June 2012

Qualification Leader meeting

I met with the qualification leaders (QLs) for each of the HNDs on Friday morning. Each HND has a lead developer:

  • HND Computing: Derek Summer (Perth College)
  • HND Computing: Networking: Chris Deegan (City of Glasgow College)
  • HND Computing: Software Development: Pete Ainsworth (Motherwell College)
  • HND Computing: Technical Support: Sean Miller (Telford College).

The purpose of the meeting was to get a progress report on how the frameworks for each award were coming along, and also to discuss any issues.

The frameworks are coming along well. The HND Computing and HND Software Development ones are pretty much agreed, but there are some issues surrounding the Technical Support and Networking frameworks.

It was a good meeting. We had useful discussions, and resolved several issues. Caroline will update all four frameworks and share these when the agreed changes have been added. I would value your comments. I am hoping that the HND frameworks can be finalised by the end of this month. The new HNDs will be available to centres from January 2013.

Contact Caroline if you want to know more about the new HN awards.